Why I Have More Than 1 Sony Ericsson Wall Charger

There was once a time when I only had one Sony Ericsson wall charger. Like most people, I kept my Sony Ericsson wall charger at home and charged my phone at night while I was recharging myself. The whole system was working perfectly until I started to have to travel for my job. It was getting harder and harder to pack for the road. I often had to leave with just a days notice, which is quite stressful on top of the million and one other things I had to get done.

So there were quite a few times, I thought I had everything packed. I got to my hotel, dying cell phone in hand, and rummaged through my bag trying to find my Sony Ericsson wall charger. After dumping out the contents of my bag, I realize that my charger is still plugged into the wall in my bedroom.

As a means to keep this major inconvenience from ever happening again, I went to All4Cellular.com and bought 2 more chargers. One for the office, and one that stays packed up in my suitcase. Unless I leave it at the hotel , of course.

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