What a Jailbroken iPhone Means for You

Cellular accessories just became a little bit more accessible. Last week, the Library of Congress legalized bypassing a phone’s software controls. The result: jailbreaking your iPhone is now legal. Jailbreaking is when you technically bypass your phone software in order to be able to play 3rd party programs.

Apple is not happy. They say that this is encouraging the pirating of their phones , and that it infringes on the copyright of their software, and that it is taking to their service department as well.

Be warned that if you decide to jailbreak your phone to get more cellular accessories, your appliances will no longer be under warranty.  The range functions of jailbreaking cell phone accessories go from tethering to a computer’s internet connection (which users are supposed to pay AT&T an extra $20 per month for) to playing old school games like Mario Bros. and Zelda.

Now that the iPhone stranglehold is loosened, users are free to develop and create whatever they want for the phone. Mark one against the Man! This is typical of the 21st century, it allows for the little guy to use his own knowledge to fight against the big corporations. Forums continue to sprout on the internet, making me think about going out and getting one myself.

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